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Realization through Juicing

Through this juice cleanse (day 5 now) I’m doing, I’ve come to the realization that juicing for 7 days - or longer - is not only about reaping the benefits that cleansing the physical body has to gain. Juicing for this long is about a mind, body and spiritual reawakening.✨ Its an opportunity to rid your body of the toxins left behind by poor choices in the food and beverages consumed, by lifestyle choices. To rid your mind and body of addictions and, if you take the opportunity and allow it to, it’ll be a vessel to help rid your spirit of the poor choices made, the heartaches, the guilt and any lingering emotions that persistently weight you down. Going through this cleanse has put me back on the path to rededicate, recommit & discipline myself to my hearts’ desires and to my truest intentions. This experience has given me the opportunity and platform to reflect, to strengthen my will, to see clearly what I want out of this life and the path I want to take to achieve it.  

I am grateful that I trusted my inclinations and signed up for this amazing Juice Feast! Give me all your questions! Are you interested in doing a juice cleanse? I'd love to hear from you!

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